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Thread: SAT maths 1 syllabus

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    SAT maths 1 syllabus


    I am a teacher in a uk college. We do not offer SAT exams but one of the students has asked me to tutor them for their SAT Maths 1 which they are planning to sit independently. I have found some good resources but have been unable to find a detailed syllabus which tells you exactly what you need to know for the exams.

    For example, are logarithms included in the Maths 1 exam or not? This resource says on page 281:

    This section contains topics from advanced algebra. As such, these topics in this section are of
    importance to those taking the Level 2 test. Students taking the Level 1 test can move on to
    the next section.

    While this link to the SAT maths 1 syllabus recommended on a yahoo answers forum

    has a section on logarithms

    If anyone knows where I could find a definitive detailed syllabus I would be very grateful. The more detailed the better please (as another example are students required to solve non-linear simultaneous equations?)

    Many thanks.
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    Take a look to the following link at page 16

    Hope this help!!

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