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Thread: sat functions

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    sat functions

    I need help with the following question,please.
    If the function represents a straight line and itís known that and , find the value of .


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    sat math question linear functions

    The equation of a straight line is of the form

    where is the slope and is the y-intercept.

    The slope can be found by the following formula:
    [tex]a=\frac{y_{2}- y_{1}}{ x_{2}- x_{1}} where are the points which the line passes through.

    So, in your case the slope is

    Therefore the function can be written as

    Finally the function can be written as

    So the value of is

    Second Method

    The "GDC way" using CASIO fx-9860 series is
    MENU>STAT>Fill List1 with x-values (2 and -1) and List with the corresponding y-values (3 and 4)>CALC(F2)>REG(F3)>X(F1)> the output is a=-0.3333333, b=3.666666.
    Then you can graph the linear function y=-0.3333333x+3.666666
    MENU>GRAPH>Y1=-0.3333333x+3.666666>DRAW(F6)>F5>Y-CAL>X=10 and the result is Y=0.333333

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    Thanks Jack!

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